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Emoey, Surprise your Loved Ones!

emoey startup
Written by Arif Ali

Buying the right gift is a difficult, time-consuming process, especially for busy and professional individuals. People have specific tastes and eccentricities that make it impossible to please everyone with the same gift or common gifts. In today’s busy world, all our greetings and wishes are restricted to Social Media i.e. Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp which lack human touch or human feel. This is where Emoey comes in and helps you in making people around you; love you more.

What is Emoey?

Emoey is a simplified, personalized gift-sending service having an ability to surprise your loved ones. It provides you with ease of sending gifts and greeting cards to your friends, family and colleagues in time-efficient and cost-effective manner. This service not only offers unique ways of surprising the people you love but a user can customize any gift or gift baskets in particular (based on the occasion and likes and interests of the receiver). It also gives its valued customers a complete freedom of choice/selection.

The startup has been promoting itself and gradually increasing its customer base through social media and referral marketing. Emoey is easing out the hassle of what to give and how to give gifts and send greetings to your loved one. It is planning to launch highly innovative and beautifully designed talking cards/gift boxes in which a user can send their own recorded message along with the gift making it more real and surprising. You can pre-order these Talking Cards by visiting Emoey website HERE or surfing their Facebook page

emoey basket

For now, the startup has recently launched a gift basket service offering a broad range of add-ons in the basket giving you the option of adding more surprise and love to your gift. Emoey has an active presence on social media which gives the facility to its customers and gift receivers to share reviews about their experience and emotions how they feel when they received their exclusive and special gifts.

Emoey makes everyone feel special. It enables the gift givers present customized gifts and feel excited and satisfied about their effort. Talking about it, Emoey CEO Mr. Bilal Javed said,

There is a reason behind it when we say, ‘Speak your heart out’ as we encourage you to let your loved ones know how much they mean to you because they are the people who stood by you, are with you and will be there for you in the future.

Though it went live recently, the Plan9 incubated startup has started gaining satisfied corporate and individual customers. So now what are you thinking. Atleast, give it a try and get your loved ones surprised!

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